Mobile laser scanning data capture guide

Before you begin

  • Draw up a plan of your project so that you can hit the ground running in the field
  • Plan the entire scan path including multiple passes
  • Clean the path of obstructions
  • Fix all the doors if possible (in case of a building capture)

Example Scan Plan

mobile scan plan

Scanning - General Mobile Capture Tips

  • Move at a constant speed and avoid sudden swerves, avoid extreme slow speeds
  • Keep the length of missions as short as possible (5 – 10 mins) as the accuracy of the scanners trajectory will worsen with time
  • Multiple passes provide a check on the accuracy of the scanner trajectories and help fill in areas shadowed by moving objects


Scanning - BLK2GO Capture Tips

  • Scan density is a function of the walking speed. Slow down to capture finer details and to help the SLAM algorithms in challenging environments
  • When moving through areas without structures within maximum range of the scanner (25m) consider placing objects to help the SLAM algorithms. E.g. in long corridors


pegasusScanning - Pegasus Backpack Capture Tips

  • The mission should start and finish in exactly the same place. Use the base plate provided
  • Plan ZUPTS locations as part of the mission planning
  • Some environments, such as long hallways, tunnels and stairs can be more challenging for the SLAM algorithms. Consider the use of targets to aid in these areas – create custom targets here:
  • A ZUPT (Zero Velocity Update) is a static phase of 20 seconds that needs to be performed every 2 minutes of capture and for every floor change (before and after stairs)