How to maintain your Leica laser scanner

A quick guide to keeping your Leica Laser Scanner in optimum condition.


  • When transporting the equipment in the field, always make sure that you carry the product in its original transport container or carry the tripod upright with the product fastened and secured onto the tripod (lightweight scanners only)
  • Never carry the product loose in a road vehicle, as it can be affected by shock and vibration. Always carry the product in its container, original packaging or equivalent and secure it
  • When transporting the product by rail, air or sea, always use the complete original Leica Geosystems packaging, container and cardboard box, or its equivalent, to protect against shock and vibration



  • Respect the temperature limits when storing the equipment, particularly in summer if the equipment is inside a vehicle
  • Never store you laser scanner damp. Dry and clean the product, container and accessories before storing. Do not repack until everything is completely dry

Glass Cleaning Procedure

  • Before any cleaning procedure, ensure that the instrument is switched off and the battery has been removed
  • Using a compressed gas duster, remove dust and debris from surface of scanner glass
    • Never rub off dust or debris as this will scratch the glass and so possibly cause permanent damage to the special optical coatings
    • Do not use air from the pneumatic power system as this is slightly oily
  • Soiling of the glass pane can cause extreme measurement errors and therefore useless data
    • All soiling that is visible on the glass pane has to be removed, except for single small dust particles that adhere inevitably
  • For the glass cleaning procedure, the provided Leica cleaning tissue is recommended
    • Washing hands is necessary in order to avoid grease on the cleaning tissue. Better, use gloves to avoid finger oil on the glass
  • Use the Leica cleaning tissue to clean the glass
  • If any smears from cleaning are visible against back light, repeat the procedure
  • Clean the glass pane regularly


For units that are exposed to high mechanical forces, for example through frequent transport or rough handling, it is recommended to carry out test measurements periodicallyscanner