SmartFix - Real Time Site Status and Rover Status

SmartFix can now offer new services, namely Real Time Site Status and Real Time Rover Status. Existing customers will need to have the services added to their logins this will happen automatically but will take a little time to add to everyone if you unable to connect please email with your login details.

To access these services enter the following URL in your browser, this will work on most Smartphones, Tablets and Computers that have Internet access.

You will need to login with a password, use the login provided for your GPS, this login will not stop your GPS device from working.

Real time site status and rover status - Map


When logged in you may get slightly different option depending on your subscriptions but if you select Service from the menu bar you should see options for Rover Status and Site Status

Real time site status and rover status - 1

We will look at “Rover Status” first.

The example is real but the customer details have been greyed out. In the spreadsheet you will see details of up to six rovers to see more just scroll through the list.

You can zoom in and click on any of the rovers on the map to see their details.

You can also click on the “eye” icon next to each rover You can also send the rover a message using the “Information” icon.

The view messages option has to be “On” for the rover to see these. For details on what all the fields are see the appendix.

Real time site status and rover status - Map 2

The Next view is the site status, see Appendix for full details.

Icon colour will change in Real Time, RED not online, in example BLUF, GSBA and the new station GSRO (Rotorua) and GSHT (Hamilton).

The GREY icon at Kerikeri is proposed.

BLUE indicates site is streaming single site data.

GREEN indicates single site data plus site has resolved in the Network.

The Ø indicates site is not available usually this is sites that are under tested, in this case two new sites near Taupo.

Real time site status and rover status - Map 3

You can click on the map icon or on the side bar for additional details.

Real time site status and rover status - Map 4