SmartFix - Beidou Sites - Auckland Region

The following sites in the Auckland region are Beidou capable.

RTCM3 = RTCM V3.0 or V3.1
ADV4 = RTCM V3.2 message MSM4
ADV5 = RTCM V3.2 message MSM5

Recommended Type

Single Site = Nearest
Fixed Cell = i-Max

The Beidou Network Coverage area is different to the GPS/Glonass coverage area.

KTIA is too remote to be included in the Network option.

WHNG has been dropped from the Network due to crowning issues and replaced with GSWR

GSHT and HAMT are included in Auckland Network as there are not enough Waikato sites to create a Network.

The Network coverage area is shown in Google earth below. Lighter shading is 3km buffer zone.

Black Icons are Beidou sites the Green Icons indicate GPS/Glonass sites.

Network coverage area