Leica Infinity Map Services

A guide for setting up connection to New Zealand Map Services with Leica Infinity V3.4.1

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for setting up Connection to New Zealand Map Services, including the LINZ Data Service, and Eagle Technology’s ArcGIs Map Server.

This process allows for WMS, WMTS, WFS, XYZ Tile, ArcGIS Map and Feature Server datasets that are freely available (or internally available) to be used for either background information or for extracting data from.

Items that may be of particular interest:
  • Aerial Photography
  • Topographic and hydrographic
  • LandonlIne data (including boundary and marks)

For these services to operate Infinity must have a current CCP

Map connection:
At the time of this document creation the following 2 free services are active (there are other free services available) to provide background imagery.

1. ArcGIS Map Server - Provides a grey scaled map

2. XYZ Tile - Provides aerial imagery

To set up map services inside Leica Infinity V3.4.1:ArcGIS

  • Select: File/Services/Map Services – Choose New and select the appropriate service
  • Name – This is the name that will appear in the home Tab in Leica Infinity.
  • URL – as per above links.
  • As both these services are Free there is NO need to fill in a username and password.
  • Click – Get Capabilities. [Details should then populate]
  • Click Apply

The service will now be available under Map Services dropdown on The Home Tab in Leica Infinity. 

Landonline Features – WFS
To obtain Boundary Vector, Boundary Marks, and Non-Boundary Mark (plus others) from LandonLine the connection needs to be a WFS connection. It also requires that you have a connection to Koordiunates.com (free).

Linz data Service process (only required once)

  1. Go to Koordinates 
    a. Create a Koordinates Account
    b. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Go to LINZ Data Service (LDS) 
    a. Log in with your Koordinates account
    b. Browse LINZ Data Services to find relevant data
    Search on NZ Parcels for WFS Features
  3. Select the icon as shown in screenshot below and choose Services from the list.
  4. Create an API key
    a. Click on Your dashboard
    b. Accept terms and create a key for Data Access Only
    c. Go Back to the previous page
  5. Copy the URL from the box under the heading “The following URL provides WFS layers”

Infinity Process

  1. In Infinity Go to :File/Services/Map Services Choose New and select the data type WFS
  2. Paste the URL from the LDS
  3. Name the configuration
  4. Enter your Koordinates Username and Password
  5. Tick the remember Credentials (this saves logging in each time you enter infinity)
  6. Press Get Capabilities – you will know if you have been successful if the Details and Data auto populate with the Metadata from LINZ data Service
  7. From the Infinity Home tab, click Get Feature.

  8. A Map will be presented surrounding your data area (ensure you have some points in the database) – Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out as will determine the extends of the download. Choose features to download – Most common. Boundary Vector, Boundary Marks, and Non-Boundary Mark. Click on the download arrow next to Feature name (best to use current view option)
  9. Downloaded objects are now CAD objects and can be brought into Infinity for use, or export.