A guide to Leica iCON Build basic Asbuilt and Export

How to use the As-built app

Make sure the correct Job is selected on the Home page. The job is where your as-built measurements will be stored
  1. Tap on the app from the Home page
  2. Make sure the instrument measurement methods are set correctly
    1. Tap on the Target panel and set the Prism Type
      1. iCB55 will be Reflectorless
    2. Tap on the Target panel and set the Prism Height
      1. If you are measuring using Reflectorless directly to the object, the prism height is Zero
      2. If you are measuring using a prism pole, the prism height is from the prism centre to the pole tip
    3. Tap on the Instrument panel and set the Measure Mode to Single
    4. Tap on the Instrument panel and set the Laser Pointer to visible if required
    5. Long press on the configurable Measure bar and select Meas + Rec, Code, Start Line and then the Green Tick
  3. Point the instrument carefully at the target or prism centre, fine tune the objective focus and the cross hair focus
  4. To measure a single point
    1. Tap Meas & Rec to take a measurement and record a point
  5. To assign a new Code to the next point
    1. Tap Code – Toolbox – New
      1. Type a name (eg soffit) and choose a symbol. Green Tick.
    2. Tap Meas & Rec
  6. To choose an existing Code for the next point
    1. Tap Code – Tap the code you want to use – Green Tick
    2. Tap Meas & Rec
  7. To draw a line between points
    1. Choose or create a code for the line
    2. Tap Start Line
    3. Tap Meas & Rec for each point on the line

How to Export measured Data from iCON Build

  1. From the Home page, Tap Export from the File Management bar
  2. Content Type Data
  3. Destination To Tap and choose USB or SD card, then tap the destination folder
  4. Tap the job to export from
    1. For csv data, Tap the Right Arrow next to csv
    2. Make sure the Unit is Metres
    3. Coordinate order is (usually) NEH
    4. Field separator is a comma
    5. Green Tick
  5. Green Tick
    1. Name the file as you prefer
    2. Green tick