How to use data sort & filter in Leica Captivate

Captivate allows you to Sort & Filter your data. The Sort & Filter settings are stored in each job and remembered each time the job is used. When a new job is created, these settings are copied from the last current job.

These settings are used to control the display and selection of points and lines. A separate copy
of these settings is used when exporting data via one of the ASCII options. They do not apply when exporting to DXF, XML or via stylesheet.

To access these settings, tap on the Job tile and select View & Edit Data


On the Points or Lines pages, press Fn F5 Filter.

sort and filter

Sort by selects the method of sorting the data. Options are: Point ID ascending or descending, Date oldest to newest or newest to oldest.

Filter to show selects the method of filtering the data, default is Highest point class only. The Point options are as follows.

Option Description
All Shows all points
Highest point class Only Shows points of highest class
Range of point IDs Shows points with point IDs between the entered start and end ID. The points are left aligned and sorted by the first digit
Pt IDs matching wildcard Shows points with point IDs matching the wildcard
Time Shows points which were recorded within a defined time window.
Certain point classes only Shows points of the selected class
Pts created by instrument Shows points originating from the selected instrument or software program type.
Points with certain codes Shows points with selected codes attached.


Point Classes

The Point Class describes the type of point and is automatically assigned when each point is created. You can Filter data using the Class.

Class Description
Control Control Points. Automatically assigned to entered points or manually assigned to calculated points from COGO
Adjusted Adjusted points using the adjustment program. Source from Infinity or Leica Captivate (Measure foresight)
Reference Reference point received by a real-time rover, or by TPS Setup app
Average Averaged point calculated when more than one coordinate triplet of class Measured exist for the same point ID (unless Don't check in the Duplicate Points panel selected)
Measured Measured points from TPS with angles and distances, GNSS points differentially corrected using real-time phase, real-time code or post-processing, Calculated from some apps
Navigated Navigated points from GNSS using uncorrected code solutions of a single epoch or SPP positions
Estimated Estimated points from Infinity. Infinity or Leica Captivate (Create point here)
None Measured points from TPS with angles but no distance

Average class points are created when the Duplicate Points setting is set to “Check the Average” or “Check the Abs Diff” (Home\Settings\Point Storage\Duplicate Points), and you measure a point with an ID that already exists. Captivate checks the Averaging method and limits, and creates the Average point if the criteria are satisfied. The individual points are kept. You will be warned if the criteria are not met and can choose how to proceed.

duplicate points