How to store as-built points using Leica iCON 3D Grader/Dozer

  1. Tap Tools > Store point options from within GRADE screen
  2. Tap right arrow to navigate to 2nd page (Nothing needs/should be set here)

  3. Select appropriate Measure by option.

    Distance – Allows recording of points at set distance intervals
    Manual – Allows recording of single point
    Time – Allows recording of points at set time intervals

  4. Select an existing Point file or tap Add to create a new one.
  5. Enter a Point prefix if required.(This can be left blank if not required) 

  6. Check on Show points in plan view. (This makes recorded points visible in 3D run screen)

  7. Record in Auto: (Check this option to automatically record points at defined intervals whenever machine is grading in AUTO mode.)

  8. Use external buttons: (This option is for machines with buttons connected on joystick to allow recording of points without the operator taking his hands off controls - mostly on excavators)

  9. Store ConX As-built: (This option automatically makes any stored points available for view/download on ConX)

  10. Select where on cutting edge points are measured.

  11. Tap the Back button to return to 3D Run Screen
  12. Tap the Store button to record points.