How do you export from Leica Cyclone Recap files with RealView pictures?

In Leica to export Recap files with pictures requires the selection of RCP and ‘setups’ (see picture below). This will enable export of a structured point cloud that retains scan positions.

Note the file size for this will be much larger than without ‘setups’ selected.

This is what a point cloud with setups looks like:

A below shows the ‘RealViews’ these enable viewing of the pictures. B shows the individual scans per a cloud.

.rcs files will be created per an individual scan with setups enabled, rather than an .rcs for the whole point cloud. .Rcc files will then be created per a scan containing the imagery files.

Users modelling a point cloud in the Autodesk suite often prefer a structured point cloud with setup locations because they can turn on and off individual point clouds for modelling making the data easier to deal with in the Autodesk suite. Though, the data is much larger than having a unified cloud.

Some platforms like Cintoo have permission to read the Autodesk .rcc files and display the imagery. But others like Pointerra do not have this permission and therefore can only give you a rooted view 3D mesh / picture from the position of the scanner. This is because they don’t have permission to read the files from Autodesk, not Leica.