How to create a *.geo file in Leica iCON Office

A *.geo file is a points and line file that can be exported to UMC3D as a help models or iCON Site as a Reference Model.

*.geo files are created using the function “Extract Coordinates from AutoCAD Drawing”.

  1. To create a *.geo file open your DWG or DXF file by double clicking on the file name so it displays in the main window. Then Go to Data → Extract Coordinates from AutoCAD drawing.

  2. When you extract the coordinates from the AutoCAD Drawing you have some options to choose from. To select the visible data in your DXF or DWG click on select visible.

  3. Click on OK to finish, this extracts the currently visible layers and creates a *.geo file containing points and linework.

  4. To save this file right click on the new tab and choose the option Save File (giving it a user-friendly name). Once named the *.geo file will appear in the project tree under coordinates.

  5. To close the file right click and choose close file.