How to connect to SmartFix using network solution on the Trimble TSC3

  1. Create a SmartFix network contact. Select ‘Settings’ 
    Trimble Settings
  2. Select ‘Connect’ 
  3. Select ‘GNSS Contact’
  4. Either create a new contact or copy an existing one
  5. Ensure ‘Use NTRIP’ is ticked 
  6. For ‘NTRIP username and password’ enter your SmartFix user name and password. For IP address enter Enter the port number corresponding to the area you are operating in. See our knowledge base for port numbers and base locations.  
    Ntrip 2
  7. Select ‘Survey Styles’ 
  8. Either create a new survey style or copy an existing one
    New Style
  9. Select ‘Rover Options’ 
    Rover Options
  10. Set ‘Survey Type’ to ‘RTK’ and the ‘Broadcast format’ to ‘VRS (RTCM)’
     Survey Type
  11. Select ‘Rover data link’ 
    rover data
  12. Select the Smartfix contact for single base that was created earlier in ‘GNSS contacts’ 
    smartfix net
  13. Enter ‘General Survey’ 
    General Survey
  14. Select the created Survey Style for SmartFix network. 
    General Survey Smartfix
  15. Select the created GNSS contact for SmartFix network. 
    Gnss Contact
  16. The available mountpoints on that port will load up. Select required mountpoint to start the stream.