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How to complete a localisation on Leica iCON Site

Use measured points with known coordinates to create a Localization (.LOK)


  • Control Points active within the current Job
  • Instrument is setup with a rover profile and has a fixed position.
  • Note: During the Localization, Measure Mode will default to Average (time) to change mode. 

Completing a site localisation

  1. Select Coordinate System from the Home Menu, then Select Localisation (Large Area)

  2. Select your local network from the predefined coordinate system list, click green tick

  3. You will be asked to Select and measure the first point

    You can select a point by tapping a point on the screen or selecting from the point list . Once a point is selected, the Average measure button will become selectable.

  4. Tap Average to begin measurement.

  5. Repeat this step for all additional points.

    Tapping red cross will abort the localization. A partially completed localization will be stored, and can be resumed the next time the Coordinate System application is started.

  6. Tap to view the residuals the measured points. Inaccurate measurements are shown red and can be de-selected by tapping on them active measurement values are highlighted in Blue with a green dot beside them.

    Tapping green tick will finish localization, but it is recommended to view residuals first.

    If you have only measured a single point you will get a warning message.

  7. Click continue to accept your localization

    Note: It is recommended to measure a minimum of 3 control points spread around your site.

    Your localization will automatically get named with your project name and time/date stamp.

  8. Click on the Save As box to rename and then click green tick to complete