Leica BLK360 troubleshooting

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Resolving BLK360/Field360 Connection Issues

If you are experiencing errors in Field360 when trying to connect to the scanner, the following may help...

First things to look at...

  • Make sure that the Leica BLK360's firmware, the tablet's operating system, and the Field360 app are all up to date. If they are not, Field360 will not reliably connect to the scanner.
      • Click HERE to find out how to check what firmware version is installed on the Leica BLK360.
      • Click HERE for instructions for updating the firmware.
  • Try enabling airplane mode and then manually re-enable the tablet's WIFI.
  • Make sure that localization services are enabled on the tablet (Please see below for iOS instructions). If these are not set per the instructions, Field360 will not connect to the Leica BLK360.
  • Check to make sure the scanner and tablet's memory are not full. Delete already downloaded projects from Field360 and already transferred scans from the Leica BLK360.
  • Make sure that the battery level on both the tablet and Leica BLK360 is sufficient. We recommend that the battery in the Leica BLK360 be swapped with a fresh one when its level drops below 30%. We also recommend that the tablet battery level be 30% or above while scanning.
  • Ensure that the Leica BLK360 and tablet remain within WIFI range of each other. Note that this maximum range can vary depending on the battery level of both the scanner and tablet as well as the level of local WIFI interference.
  • Electromagnetic interference and locations with heavy WIFI traffic can cause connectivity issues. In these situations it may necessary resort to push-button scanning using the Leica BLK360 as a standalone device.
  • If the connection error associated with a solid status ring?
      • Click HERE if it's a solid YELLOW status ring. 
      • Click HERE if it's a solid RED status ring.

When an error occurs...

On the job browser page, check to see if the connection glyphs are flashing indicating that the app is in the process of attempting to connect to the scanner. This can take several seconds.

If unable to connect, first...

  1. Exit Field360 and force close the app.
  2. Disable and then re-enabling the tablet's WIFI and reconnect to the Leica BLK360.
  3. Re-open Field360.

If still unable to connect...

  1. Reboot the tablet by shutting it down completely and restarting it.
  2. Shut down and re-start the Leica BLK360.

Additional things to look at...

  • Make sure Field360 is running on a compatible device.
  • Make sure that your tablet's WIFI is not automatically switching to another preferred network.
  • On the tablet, make the Leica BLK360 the preferred network.
  • Check to see that there are no other devices (Workstations, tablets, phones) trying to connect to the Leica BLK360.
  • On the tablet, exit out of any other Leica BLK360 related apps (i.e. Recap Mobil, Matterport Capture) running in the background.
  • Try resetting the tablet's network settings. Note that this will reset all network settings, not just for the Leica BLK360. See instructions below for iOS devices.

IMPORTANT: If for whatever reason you simply cannot get Field360 to connect to the Leica BLK360, please know that you can resort to Push-Button Scanning.

iOS Localization Services Settings

Please be sure to set the following Privacy settings on your iOS tablet or phone for Field360.

  • Under 
Settings>Privacy>Location Services, make sure the Location Services toggle is enabled.